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-The Basics-
Name: Sam
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Michigan

Top 5 Bands: The Used, Avril Lavigne, New Found Glory, Val Emmich, My Chemical Romance
Top 5 Movies: Undercover bother, freaky friday, paulie, the day after tomorrow, abandon
Top 5 Books: CUT <read it. You don't know me, My dad killed my mom, shattering glass. I LOVE BOOKS. Favorate Actor/Actress: Adam brody= hot. Favorite TV show: Degrassi <3 Ice Cream: I don't eat ice cream Animal:koala Word(s)- ? favorite words? um... I like the word.. pizza Lyrics: The Used I'm a Fake- "Love is not like anything, especially a fucking knife" -Opinions- (dont be a douche.more then 1 word answers, please.) Gay marriages: Well, yes because I have a gay friend and I would like himt o soon marry a man someday. Economy: I think buch sucks America: american is dumb I love canada Music: music is the only reason I am alive Family: my family is wierd Lables: I dont like lables because I am always being called poser or punk and stuff and its just not fair and its embarising when done infront of others. -Other- Where did you hear from us?: I typed in The Used. Name 1 thing unique about yourself: I love Avril Lavigne so much I would kill myslef for her. Craziest thing you've ever done: ....nothing you need to know.... Funniet thing you've ever heard: When my friend sara asked me how old we would be in the year 3000.
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    cut up angels- the used.


So this community has been dead for awhile... BUT NOT ANYMORE!
From today on I'm going to start running this community but i wont slack off like i did last time, I promise.
So anyhow Welcome once again.