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confoosed [kellogs]

ok...now that I finally learned how to do this! [yea im slow...i know] i might have to try this more then once so if u see like 12 post with my application on it. yea...take that into account! sorry if the live journal cut thing doesnt work!

-The Basics-
Name: Jackie
Age: 14
Sex: female
Location: Miami Florida
Top 5 Bands: umm...i listen to every thing [except like...bluegrass] but mostly i listen to rap. so yea...i umm...dont know alot of bands...sowy...but i'll try...lets see. i like the beatles. eh...the couple of songs that i've heard from the used are pretty cool. i dont know alot more i can just tell u that good charolette sucks [however u spell it]
Top 5 Movies:hmm...the wizard of oz, dodgeball, i liked pearl harbor, finding Nemo! and Monsters inc. [only because that little girl Boo is soooo cute!]
Top 5 Books:harry potter 1,2,3,4,5 lol j.p umm...i like classic novels 2. frankenstein, the invisble man, age of the innocence, stuff like that.
Favorate Actor/Actress: johnny depp! ashton kutcher! orlando bloom! and i really like jennifer garner cuz 1. she can kick ass and 2. she used to be a dancer and im a dancer so yea...u get me...
Favorite TV show: that 70's show, the simpsons, the stand up comedy on comedy central ex. chappels show
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Animal: elephant! because they have rolls! and i like monkeys too! except for the ones in the wizard of oz cuz those scare me.
Lyrics: We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine, we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine!!!
(dont be a douche.more then 1 word answers, please.)
Gay marriages: i am as straight as they come. but i do have an aunt who's gay. and i still love her. she's still my aunt. see, she has a girlfriend. its just so sad that they can't share their love the way they want to. whats wrong with 2 people of the same sex loving eachother. you know what i think it is. i think its that many of the people in this "wonderful" country are scared of change. scared of different. but to me, different is beauliful.
Economy: as of right now...the economy sucks. everything revolves around who has more money and blah blah. but there are people in third world countries who eat there own shit. why doesnt paris hilton sell like 3 pairs of shoes...that would save a whole counrty. yea and this war sucks...[understatement]
America: land of the free! BULLSHIT! free my ass! there's not much u can say about it. if it was free there wouldnt be these ridiculous laws. i understand that some of them are there for our safety but seriously, if they keep adding laws, we're not going to be able to do anything. soon there going to be telling us what to wear, what music to listen to, how much money u can spend. hello. my family already got away from that when they left cuba. they didnt come here for the same thing.
Music: i love music. some more then others. i dont listen to music because my friends listen to it. i listen to the beat, the words, the meaning of it all. im spanish, i can dance to music.
Family: i love my family. it took me a while to realize that. i could have sworn, for the longest time, that i was adopted. but now i look at my mom, my dad, my grandmother [i only have one. i never met my dads father, and my moms father and dads mother both died when i was 8] but everything seems so beautiful, so right. yes they're different, and sometimes they dont understand me, but they are the only ones who will love me. they are the only people i know who would ever take a bullet for me. i love my family
Lables: i hate lables. but, i was in love with rap last year and i have to admit that i would lable ppl all the time! and i feel like such an idiot now. my 2 best friends love rock music. am i not going to be there friends because of that? no, instead, i listen to their music too, and to be honest, its not bad either. dont lable people, calling some one fat doesnt make u any skinnier, calling some one dumb doesnt make u any smarter, and calling some one ugly, will never make u prettier.
Where did you hear from us?: _w0nderland_ [or as i like to call her diana! my best buddie] but she'll probobly get mad at me for joining :sowy diana, u still love me right?:
Name 1 thing unique about yourself: im a psycho! lol no i dont know...i'll leave that for you to figure out
Craziest thing you've ever done: wouldnt u like to know?!?!?
Funniet thing you've ever heard: that lipgloss is made from camel sperm [actually..no thats not the funniest but the funniest thing i heard hasnt come to me yet so just go with that!]
What is this person trying to say..."LYKE OHMIGAWD THT BOI ISH SHOOOO WACK@*@&#^                 
Like oh my god that boy is so wack @*@&#^ [that last part with the symbols probobly says, yea..and im a really big dumbass!]                           well thats it! x0o-jackie

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